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India Elections 2019 App is one stop to get latest developments and trends of election. Know about Burning Issues of your constituencies, Share your Opinion – Make Impact, Get latest news, Hear your candidates vote apeal. Get all the details about constituencies, candidates, parties.
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Why Choose us?
Select your constituency and you can find all the necessary info like burning issues, voters list, candidate who contested election in the past. You can also cast your vote.
Candidates and Party details
Get information about all the candidates like their education background, personal details etc. You can also view party details and their background.
Leader Board
Get all the winners list for general elections won by maximum margins along with their details (Party info, Constituency details etc).
Past results and Polling centers
Get all winner candidate lists along with their margin and party wise seats they won. Also, you can have necessary info of voters' list and Polling center list.
Latest News
Get updated important news of elections in India as well as their constituency.
Burning Issues
Get information on burning issues of your constituencies. Share your burning issue also.
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